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The Bitclub Network Opportunity

Bitcoin is the future of money and mining is the backbone that allows it to function. Mining is essentially the process of securing and verifying the transactions on the Bitcoin network. As long as there is Bitcoin there will be mining!
Whats the quickest way to accumulate BITCOINGet Started

The trusted authority in crypto mining.

Mining is the most innovative and lucrative way to earn Bitcoin

As a BitClub Network member, you lease mining resources—dedicated servers working around the clock to mine Bitcoin. Everything is set up and running right now.

Since 2014, we’ve mined more than 75,000 Bitcoins and have deployed more than 500 petahash/sec in mining power. So it’s no wonder that BitClub Network is consistently listed in the world’s top 10 mining operations.

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Why Bitclub Mining Team?

Because we are just that … A Team!

We have a private group chat with hundreds of other members ready to help you. We have weekly Zoom calls to keep motivated, let you know about any company, team or marketing updates and more.

Mining ? How or what is actually going on?

When you pay someone in bitcoin, you set in motion a process of escalating, energy-intensive complexity. Your payment is basically an electronic message, which contains the complete lineage of your bitcoin, along with data about who you’re sending it to (and, if you choose, a small processing fee). That message gets converted by encryption software into a long string of letters and numbers, which is then broadcast to every miner on the bitcoin network (there are tens of thousands of them, all over the world). Each miner then gathers your encrypted payment message, along with any other payment messages on the network at the time (usually in batches of around 2,000), into what’s called a block. The miner then uses special software to authenticate each payment in the block—verifying, for example, that you owned the bitcoin you’re sending, and that you haven’t already sent that same bitcoin to someone else.

At this point, the actual mining begins. In essence, each miner now tries to demonstrate to the rest of the network that his or her block of verified payments is the one true block, which will serve as the permanent record of those 2,000 or so transactions. Miners do this by, essentially, trying to be the first to guess their block’s numerical password. It’s analogous to trying to randomly guess someone’s computer password, except on a vastly larger scale.

As soon as a miner finds a solution and a majority of other miners confirm it, this winning block is accepted by the network as the “official” block for those particular transactions. The official block is then added to previous blocks, creating an ever-lengthening chain of blocks, called the “blockchain,” that serves as a master ledger for all bitcoin transactions. (Most cryptocurrencies have their own blockchain.) And, importantly, the winning miner is rewarded with brand-new bitcoins and all the processing fees. The network then moves on to the next batch of payments and the process repeats—and, in theory, will keep repeating, once every 10 minutes or so, until miners mine all 21 million of the bitcoins programmed into the system.

Thats whast going on … in a nutshell 🙂

Why BitClub Network
Bitclub Network is one of the largest Mining-Pools in the world. Bitclub Network members get earnings paid out daily from their mining pool shares.

All members benefit from Bitclub growthBitclub is continually upgrading its computer power (Hashrate) which in turn delivers better result for all members. Hashpower is the strength of the mining operation and Bitclub has grown from 11Ph in 2014 to the current 480Ph ( January 2018 ) and is aiming to be at over 1500Ph by the end of 2018. This is huge!

Bitclub Network also have it’s own crypto currency called ClubCoin, which has been traded on the Bittrex since 2016.

Bitclub-Network has also created a platform called CoinPay. This company is almost ready to go live ( Feb 2018 ) and will give shops and businesses a hassle free  way of accepting Bitcoins and Clubcoins without any loss of price due to exchange rate issues. Every active member of Bitclub that has purchased a “founder” position gets Coinpay company shares.

These advantages are only for active members!

A once off lifetime membership costs only $99. After you have an active status you have full access to your backoffice and you are able to buy mining pool shares starting from $500

Bitclub Network offers a fantastic incentive program for members that are interested in accelerating their income.

BITCLUB IS TRANSPARENT and easily verified using the links (buttons) below to check staus and current mining activity.

Why now is the time to get involved!
We continue to see the rise of an incredible technology that will have a profound impact on the entire world.

It’s not just Bitcoin we are talking about, it’s the Blockchain technology that allows all digital currency and many other things to work, and to work better!

All of this started back in 2009 and during this time Bitcoin has been tested by some of the smartest people in the world who tried to expose it and poke holes to prove it won’t work. The results…. 8 years later we have seen over a $1 Billion in VC funding raised by Bitcoin companies, of which $450 million has came in the last 12 months alone.

What does this mean?

It means the smart money is betting on Bitcoin to win… AND WIN BIG!

In fact, this market is exactly like the early days of the Internet where only geeks and tech savvy people understood it. But soon these geeks built all the tools that made it easy for anyone to use and access the Internet.

Some people call this the “browser moment” when the browser was launched it made the Internet mainstream and easy. Once this happened the VC money began pouring into Internet companies and over the next 5 years we saw incredible innovation with company after company launching services that drove the market to where it is today.

Can you imagine your life without the Internet now?

We are sitting in this exact same cycle with a technology that has the potential to be even bigger than the Internet itself, but this time around it’s going to happen much faster and as these new companies create their “browser moment” that will make Bitcoin easier to use, you will be kicking yourself for not leveraging what you know today!

One thing is clear… This is going to happen WITH or WITHOUT you.

So do yourself a favor, GET INVOLVED!

Do your own research and keep your eye on this industry because every single day 3,600 newly issued Bitcoins will be mined by someone and the sooner you get involved and start positioning yourself to earn, the better off you will be in months and years to come.

To learn more… Click here or a “Get Started” button for a Free Account and more information

The time to position yourself in front of this wave is TODAY, RIGHT NOW!

What to do next?
Join our team on the BitClub Network

BitClub Network is unlike anything you’ve seen before…

We combined two very lucrative ideas into a single membership platform that allows each member to cash in on Bitcoin mining and leverage the power of Network Marketing.

There is $99 one time to join BitClub Network for a lifetime access to our industry leading membership platform.

With this membership you will gain exclusive access to opportunities that are only available to BitClub Network members.

We are continuously building our mining pools, these pools are the backbone of our membership and by participating in them you will be paid Bitcoin everyday from all of the blocks being mined.

Our hashing power continues to grow each week and we are one of the largest mining pools in the world.

But it gets even better… We pay you daily profits based on the Bitcoin being mined and from your profits you can contribute a percentage back to re-purchase additional shares in order to compound your earnings. 

It is possible to earn Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin Cash in 6 different ways… For more details about compensation login to your account and click on the opportunity page to learn more

The sooner you start mining and leveraging your profits, the faster you will begin earning back daily Bitcoin.

Is this is a SCAM?
I can assure you that this is no scam, it is a solid opportunity to get involved with an established, global crypto currency mining company with thousands of members.

You can and certainly should do your own research to put your mind at ease and to help you get started, use the buttons below to check publically available information on the internet that gives you and anyone else up to the minute status on the Bitclub mining activity ( and others ) blocks hit and so on.

You can click here or any of the “GET STARTED” buttons to register for Bitclub.

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